Monday, June 2, 2014

My lil' man is growing up...

Yesterday, I came home from work and tossed my keys casually on the coffee table. After a time, my lil' man noticed them and picked them up. I don't mind Clay playing with my keys, but I watch him like a hawk so that they don't end up tossed into the recycling bin or someplace weirder that I would never be able to find. He inspected them as usual, turning them over and over in his hand. Eventually he isolated one, the largest of them all, the key to our truck. He then walks over to our front door, and tries to stick the key into the key hole in the doorknob!! I was completely amazed by this and poked the husband so he could watch. 

Clay broke out into the hugest grin and looked at us like, see what I can do? I'm a big boy now!!

We laughed and cheered him on, marveling at how fast he was growing up. This is an interesting age, the 1 year old. He still has so many "baby" behaviors that he exhibits, but then he goes and does something so "little kid" like, always shocking me. 

We moved him into his big boy car seat three weeks ago, which ended the need for me to carry him in and out of the house while strapped into his infant carrier. I now hold him in my arms while I lock up the house. He watches intently every morning while I insert the keys into the lock and turn the key. I orate what I am doing and he is always fascinated by this process. Clearly, there has been some comprehension and I love these mimicking behaviors. Little minds are so fascinating with the amount of information they absorb and process. 

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